Child exploitation charge against Poynette man dropped

The Columbia County District Attorney’s Office on Tuesday dropped felony child exploitation charges against a Poynette man accused of inappropriately filming himself with a 5-year-old foster child.

“I don’t think that going forward with the felony that was originally charged in this would be beneficial to anyone — Mr. Skare, the victim, the public,” said Assistant District Attorney Cliff Burdon at the hearing. “I don’t think the things that he did that are outlined in the probable cause warrant him to be branded as a felon or as a sex offender.”

Jay Skare, 58, was charged in Jan. 2014 with sexual exploitation of a child, accused of making a sexually explicit video with a 5-year-old girl.

“Mr. Skare felt he had no choice but to do this, because she wasn’t talking to the police,” Giesen said according to court documents. “And that’s why those recordings, although they may not have mentioned Mr. Skare specifically, are important, to show she’s been groomed. Mr. Skare’s assessment of this was correct and it supports his having acted in good faith.”

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